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Who we are

😃 Founded in 1990 and successfully on the market since then
📌 based & rooted in Karlsruhe (Germany)

Our quality

🛒 large storage area with over 2.500m²
🔎 more than 100 high quality brands in our assortment

Our claim

📦 Fair prices, competent advice, fast delivery
🚚 Usually shipping within a few hours

How we became what we are

VELODROM was founded in 1990 by three "young savages", all of them passionate two-wheelers. Two-wheelers because their love was all two-wheeled vehicles - bicycles and motorcycles were their life, the sleeker the better. Our first salesrooms were located in the center of Karlsruhe. Everything started in 1990 on 160 square meters of sales area.

VELODROM quickly established itself beyond the city limits as a competent and knowledgeable contact in matters of bicycles and exclusive bike clothing. The clientele was rather sporty oriented, everyday riders also strayed into the store, but were not the main clientele. Word quickly got around that we could fulfill even the most unusual wishes. In der „Apotheke“ – wie die Stammkunden das VELODROM bald liebevoll titulierten – gab es einfach alles, was das Herz eines Vollblutradfahrers begehrte:
  • Fashionable fancy bicycle clothing
  • Exclusive racing bikes
  • Mountain bikes for adrenaline junkies
  • Handmade carbon seatposts
  • Ultra stiff carbon aero wheelsets
  • Fancy pedal systems with carbon body and titanium axle
  • and much more

Specialize or expand

Unfortunately, you can't make a living on sporty ambitious cyclists and fulfilling exclusive customer wishes alone. This is difficult even in a city like Karlsruhe, where more and more people are switching from cars to bikes. "Specialize or expand" was therefore the question. We decided in favor of expansion in order to also attract the everyday cyclist as a new customer. So folgte 2004 der Umzug an die Peripherie der Stadt in die Neureuter Straße. The sales area was 650 square meters, more than four times as large, and there was finally enough customer parking in front of the building.
Now the right bike could be offered for everyone:
  • City bikes and trekking bikes for the everyday cyclist
  • BMX and dirt bikes for children and teenagers
  • racing bikes, mountain bikes and cross bikes for the more sporty clientele as well as
  • E-bikes and pedelecs for cyclists who prefer pedal assistance when cycling.
The product range is rounded off by a large selection of bike clothing, bike parts, bike accessories as well as outdoor and lifestyle products.

Our Velondo online shop

Always trying to keep up with the times, we opened our Velondo online store in 2013. The key to our success? Fair prices, competent advice and fast delivery. Even if everything doesn't go according to plan, the customer may have ordered something wrong or is looking for an unusual solution to his problem, we take care until he is satisfied. Wir sind zwar rasant gewachsen, aber eines hat sich nicht geändert – unser Teamgeist. „Einer für alle, alle für einen“ das ist unser Motto. If someone drops out, then everyone pitches in. This welds us together and makes a powerful team out of a group of different characters.

What we are also proud of

We don't throw away returned, used or damaged items or bicycles, but repair and clean them and offer them on used-item platforms such as our own Pricio.de platform. In this way, we consciously oppose a throwaway mentality that is particularly widespread in online retail. In addition, we recycle our cardboard boxes and also use boxes that we have received from our suppliers for shipping to our customers.

Wir We are very excited about your purchase!

How to find us:

Phone : +49 0721 / 92091919 - (we speak English and German)
Email: [email protected]